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Do you Know that YouTube given an update for creator? Yes, This in an you update for YouTuber. This Tab Called Copyright. Now You Can Se...

New YouTube Copyright Tab Update! YouTube update in 2018

Do you Know that YouTube given an update for creator? Yes, This in an you update for YouTuber. This Tab Called Copyright. Now You Can See who is Copying Your video. how much copy video using? How much views on this videos? Which is Channel name that using your Video. You Can also Seok how much subscriber on those channel.
What is Copyright Tab?
This is an new update for YouTuber content creation. You When you Visit Your Dashboard? You can Simply See the new Copyright Tab. It will help you find those Copyright video. You can also see how much video copyed.
How It’s Working?
YouTube Copyright Tab is most Advance featured in YouTube. How are an Content maker. how work hard for content making. If someone using your video without permission? That is really bad think for you. YouTube Copyright Find those videos that using your Content. Copyright Tab Help you for stopped Copy your videos. it’s also Help You to stop click betting using Your content.
Copyright Tab Helpful?
Yes, This is the most important update in YouTube. I think this most useful free tools in YouTube for finding copy video. actually you don’t need to do anything? YouTube automatically find copy videos in YouTube. Sometimes YouTube sent automatically take down request for copyed video. Now you also know which channel copying you video. you can simply request for take down. So I think this is most useful Featured in YouTube.
That’s kinds of Command in Copyright Tab?
You can see 4 option in Copyright Tab.

1) Matches
2) Removal Request
3) Messages
4) Archives
You can see this kinds of options in Copyright Tab. Now I discussed all about this options.

What is Matches Option?

1) Matches option details.
Copyright Tab Matches Options is help you for finding copyed video. you can see all of videos that using your Content. you can see A to Z all Copy videos. you can also which video copyed. What is the copy content video title. how much views on this video. how much subscriber in channel. Actually Matches Options will help you to find copy content.
What is Removed Request?

2) Removal Request
This tab removal request help you to remove copy video. you can see how much removal request you sended and how much Solved. You can sent down request to other YouTube channel that using you copy content. You can see the main results. Your requested take down video remove or not removed yet. You can see isn’t your request complete and solved? Removal Request is very important for YouTuber content maker.
what is messenges options?

3) Messages.
The messages is 3rd number option in YouTube Copyright Tab. actually you can talk with those channel owner that used your content to other owners YouTube channel. you can simply messenge her to request for remove your video. This Options help you to solved your problem very easily. So message is really an great useful Featured in YouTube Copyright Tab.
What is archive Option?
4) archive
Archives is nothing special. If you want to save video or wanted to added archive. You can use this Archives option
this is not an important part in YouTube Copyright update.
Thank you for reading. Many Many Thanks. Do You have any questions?
please comment below. I am really happy to give your answer.
Have a great day.

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